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The Florida Tech Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1986 to honor those persons who have made outstanding contributions to Florida Tech Athletics. Its purpose is to remember those who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to the University’s athletics program.

Jeanne Flanagan was the Sports Hall of Fame’s first inductee. Flanagan, a former Olympian, has set a high standard for all honorees that have followed her footsteps into the Hall. A member of Team USA’s varsity eight, she helped her country capture its first gold medal in the event at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, Calif.

Athletes, coaches, trainers, or any other persons who have made outstanding contributions to athletics at Florida Tech are eligible for nomination. An athlete can be nominated five years after receiving his or her undergraduate degree. A person who has not qualified for a degree can be nominated only upon approval of the selection committee. This process cannot occur until five years has elapsed since he or she normally would have received a degree.

Coaches, trainers or those who have made outstanding contributions to Florida Tech Athletics may not be considered while they are holding the position for which they are being nominated.

The Florida Tech Sports Hall of Fame is located along the entrance, inside the Clemente Center.

Class of 1986
Ray A. Work Jr. Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Jeanne Ann Flanagan Women’s Rowing
Casey Baker* Men’s and Women’s Rowing Head Coach
Percy Hedgecock Athletic Scholarship Fund Chairman
Class of 1987
Fran Reininger Men's Rowing - 1981
Andy Seminick* Baseball Head Coach
Class of 1988
Nino Lyons Men’s Basketball 1980-83, Assistant Coach 1984-87
Dr. Joseph Doller Volunteer 1965-68
Class of 1990
Robert H. Dunlap Men’s Rowing
Class of 1991
John D. Narciso Baseball 1979-82
Joseph E. Eckelman Men's Rowing
Class of 1992
Thomas Bohrer Men’s Rowing
Class of 1993
Tim Wakefield* Baseball
Calvin Griffith Advisory Council
Class of 1995
Steve Freeman* Men’s Soccer 1986-89
Chip Greek Baseball 1987-90
Davon Kelly Men's Basketball 1987-90
Class of 1996
Tom Folliard Jr. Men’s Basketball 1986-88
Chris Payne* Men's Soccer 1987-90
Les Hall* Baseball Head Coach 1978-97
Phil Gaarder Department Volunteer 1981-2013
Class of 1999
Christine Keenan* Women’s Basketball 1989-93
Paulette King* Women’s Basketball 1992-93
Bill Jurgens Men’s Rowing Coach, Athletic Director 1969-present
Class of 2001
Richard Sharpe* Men’s Soccer 1990-93
Rick Stottler* Men's Soccer Head Coach 1986-99
Elisa Bartolo* Volleyball 1992-95, Softball 1992-96
Dwight Walton* Men's Basketball 1989-91
Class of 2003
Robin Chan* Men’s Soccer 1987-90, Head Coach 2006-present
Wayne McFarland Men's Rowing 1987-90
Martha Work Supporter 1963-2010
Tom Folliard Sr. Men's Basketball Head Coach, 1984-91
Rob Terry Men's Basketball 1993-97
Class of 2005
Tom Finney Baseball 1988-91
Dylan Lewis* Men's Soccer 1988-91
Bino Campanini* Men's Soccer 1986-89, Assistant Coach 1990-93
Sanja Radenkovic* Women's Basketball 1995-99
Class of 2008
1982 Dad Vail Men's Varsity Eight National Championship Crew Men’s Rowing 1982
1988 Dad Vail Men's Varsity Eight National Championship Crew Men's Rowing 1988
1988 Men's Soccer National Championship Team Men's Soccer 1988
1991 Men's Soccer National Championship Team Men's Soccer 1991
Class of 2013
1992 Baseball South Atlantic Region Championship Team Baseball 1992
Dr. Valerie Barber Women's Rowing 1975-78
Eddie Enders Men's Soccer 1990-93
Fitzgerald "Fidgi" Haig* Men's Soccer 1987-90, Head Coach 2005-15
Khalid Outaleb Men's Tennis 1983-86
Class of 2014
1982 Dad Vail Women's Varsity Four National Championship Crew Women's Rowing 1981-82
2001-02 Women's Basketball Elite Eight Team Women's Basketball 2001-02
Dr. Anthony J. Catanese President 2002-present
Daniela Iacobelli Women's Golf 2005-09
Class of 2015
1974-75 Dad Vail Varsity Men's Lightweight Eight National Championship Team Men's Rowing 1974-75
1989-90 Men's Basketball SSC Championship Team Men's Basketball 1989-90
Jonathan Baksh Baseball 2004-06
Sara Trané Women's Cross Country 2009
Dr. Kari Wanat Volleyball 1995-99
Class of 2016
Dr. Nancy Bottge* Softball Head Coach 1995-2005
Mark Cartwright Men's Soccer 1991-93
Steve Condotta Baseball 2004-07
Jim Mitchell Basketball Broadcaster 1979-Present
Teresa (Brantley) Moon Women's Soccer 2006-09
Brandon Palmer Men's Basketball 1997-99

*Sunshine State Conference Hall of Fame member

Hall of Fame

Nominate someone to the Florida Tech Sports Hall of Fame

To nominate an individual for the Florida Tech Sports Hall of Fame, please forward nomination material to:

Daniel Supraner
Florida Tech Athletics
150 West University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901

or e-mail dsupraner@fit.edu. Upon the establishment of a date for a future Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a deadline for nominations will be given. Please provide as much data as possible in support of your nomination.


  Nominees may include:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Outstanding Contributors